Work with your team whether they are in or out of the office

No more need for time-wasting trips to the office. Set up approval flows with just a few clicks and collaborate more easily with your teams whether they in or out of the office - Plateforme intégrée--transcode.mp4 - Plateforme intégrée--transcode.mp4
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The advantages of Regate
at a glance

Save time and be more efficient

Regate automatically performs low-value tasks.

Reliable audit trail

Have a complete audit trail for each transaction and quickly find payments, documents and internal and external communications.

Automatic synchronisation

Regate automatically performs low-value tasks

Have a complete audit trail for each transaction and quickly find payments, documents and internal and external communications

No manual re-entry or tedious file transfers — Regate integrates with all standard accounting software
on the market and performs automatic updates

Our teams are here to help you by chat, telephone or trouble ticket, in English or French

No more complex IT projects. Quickly set up Regate and pay your first bills upon installation

Store your invoices automatically in an electronic safe thanks to our partner CDC Arkinéo

Companies, certified public accountants and shared Finance Divisions

They already trust us

About Regate
The platform designed by accountants
for accountants

Regate is designed to save accountants and CFOs time. This smart platform makes business accounting easier: it understands, automates and gives you more control over your business

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Regate is registered by the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (“ACPR”) under number 90198 as a payment services agent of the electronic money institution S-Money, whose registered office is located at 110 avenue de France, 75013 Paris, France

17-21 rue Saint Fiacre, 75002 Paris, France – – + 33 1 86 47 62 68


Paperless invoicing

Reliable audit trail: definition and methodology
Tools must add value for timeshare CFOs

Accounts payable
Accounts receivable

Expense reports

Bank reconciliation




Tools must add value for timeshare CFOs


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Expense reports
Simplify the processing of your teams’ expense reports
Ils nous font déjà confiance

À propos de Regate
La plateforme pensée par des comptables
pour des comptables

Regate a été conçu pour faire gagner du temps aux comptables et aux directeurs financiers. Cette plateforme intelligente facilite la comptabilité en entreprise : elle comprend, automatise et vous donne une meilleure maîtrise de l'activité