"Regate is a tool designed by CFOs who know our business and its challenges."

Guillaume Schwoob
Regate at Adikteev

How Adikteev regained control of its finances with Regate.

With Regate, Guillaume reinternalized his accounting and put in place the necessary tools to support Adikteev's growth, with the same team. He produces more accurate, reliable and frequent reports. And he can better advise the operational teams.

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"In terms of mental load, it's a game-changer: each invoice is processed in accounting in just 5-10 minutes. Nothing gets past the racket and my reporting is that much more refined and easy to grasp."

Guillaume Schwoob

Benefits of Regate

Centralize the control of expenses

Regate is much more fluid and easy to use than the other tools already tested by Adikteev's teams. Guillaume has access to all financial information in one place: no more switching from one tool to another or opening countless Excel spreadsheets.

Make accounting more reliable

Thanks to Regate, Adikteev has regained confidence in its financial and accounting production. In particular, the solution simplifies accounting entry. The reporting, particularly appreciated by Julien Madec, the financial director, is accessible in almost real time.

Save time on management

Guillaume and his team save 2.5 days per month, not only on data entry, but also on review and reporting. This is essential for Adikteev, a young company that has to manage strong growth: "We can't afford to lose time on basic tasks", Guillaume reminds.

"I'm a big fan of Regate, and I know there are many more levers to pull to improve our financial reporting and save time."

Guillaume Schwoob

His favorite features

The pre-accounting module

"I'm a big fan of this module, quite honestly. It's really the game changer for Adikteev." Guillaume particularly appreciates the automatically generated accounting entry preview tools. He finds his chart of accounts and the famous T-shaped presentation.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Approval channels

Regate has allowed Guillaume to set up validation circuits in a fluid, fast and above all customizable way. This allows him to ensure that invoices are posted as quickly as possible and that his budgets are always up to date.

Creation of automation rules

The rules engine allows you to enter very precise nuances. And so, with your eyes closed or almost closed, you can automate a maximum number of operations. A real asset for Guillaume: "Once it's entered into Regate, and until it's released, it will be reliable. No more cold sweats and bad surprises!"

Regate interface element

"With Regate, I have complete confidence in the automated processing of our flows."

Guillaume Schwoob

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


days saved per month on data entry and reporting


minutes only for the processing of a flow


documents processed in near real time

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