"We've drastically reduced the mental load of the end of the period. Regate has allowed us to eliminate the main source of errors."

Gaëtan Gohin
Regatta at Algama

How Algama reduced its accounting operational costs by a factor of four with Regate

After the implementation of Regate by Sébastien, Algama's administrative and financial manager, Gaëtan, co-founder of the company, found in Regate the perfect mix between pre-accounting and financial management tool. The solution allows him to limit errors and save time on administrative tasks. Since then, not only is his accounting faster, but the results are more reliable and relevant.

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"With Regate, accounting is no longer a black box."

Gaëtan Gohin

Benefits of Regate

Save time on management

Regate has allowed the finance and accounting team to save 50% of their management time in the first year. " We have more and more flows every month, and yet we spend less and less time on it," explains Gaëtan.

Optimize the payment of my suppliers

The payment of suppliers has been made much easier and more reliable, thanks to a single centralization point. Before Regate, Gaëtan and his team had to connect to several tools, authenticate themselves, or re-enter the RIBs to make a transfer one by one. A cumbersome and time-consuming process, which is now history.

Improve collaboration with my accountant

With Regate, all authorized persons have access to the platform and to the information they respectively need. There is both a better appropriation of accounting issues internally (with the dissemination of a financial culture throughout the company), and exchanges with the accounting firm with greater added value.

"With Regate, we process the feeds easily, as they come in. Before, we often had to do everything at the end of the month: a real pain."

Gaëtan Gohin

His favorite features

The supplier invoice dashboard

It allows you to view the invoices to be processed at a glance, and to follow the progress and approval stages. You can no longer be overwhelmed by too much volume. The processing is now done in real time.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

The speed of the platform

The connection is made quickly with multiple authentication systems, to adapt to each need. "Everything is designed to simplify operations", Gaëtan assures.

The user experience

The interface is smooth and easy to use for everyone. "We can easily follow the progress of the invoicing and then the collection, it's almost fun to see this path to payment. It's almost like a game," explains Gaëtan.

Regate interface element

"The real added value on our side is the qualification of the invoices and the almost tailor-made parameterization. It saves us a lot of time."

Gaëtan Gohin

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


of time saved in one year


error in the processing of incoming flows


savings on all accounting costs

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