"We've been phasing out our Excel invoice tracking file and using Regate as the central repository for all of our supplier invoices."

Xavier Ferry
Biologics 4 Life
Regate at Biologics 4 Life

How Biologics4life reduced its bank fees and supplier invoice processing time with Regate.

With the merger between the companies Graftys and Biologics4life, a solution had to be implemented to give time to the employees involved in the management of supplier invoices, from their receipt to their payment.

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"Regate is THE invoice database for our company. It's where I centralize all the financial information: reliable information all the way to payment."

Xavier Ferry
Biologics 4 Life

Benefits of Regate

Centralize the control of my expenses

All the financial information related to the management of Biologics4life suppliers is now managed in real time through Regate. This is essential for the team, which is geographically dispersed.

Save time on management

Since the merger of the entities and the restructuring of the organization, Xavier had to save time: Regate allowed him to save one day per week, which he now devotes to more strategic missions.

Optimize the payment of my suppliers

Thanks to Regate, bill payments are made in seconds. And the bank fees for each transfer have been reduced by five!

"With my responsibilities expanding, I needed a tool to save time, lots of time. Regate allowed me to do just that. And it's not over yet!"

Xavier Ferry
Biologics 4 Life

His favorite features

The dematerialization of invoices

The different options for submitting supplier and purchase invoices (email, collector, manual import, telephone) have enabled Xavier to move up a gear. The quality of the OCR in the reading of invoices and the follow-up of their status is a big advantage.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Invoice search tool

"Wherever you are in Regate, finding an invoice is a breeze," says Xavier. Tracking invoices, their approval and payment becomes especially easy. So is finding an invoice that has been processed for a long time: they are always stored in Regate.

The filters

The filtering functionality present in the different modules of Regate allows to save precious time and to visualize only the useful information, by choosing precise criteria as for example the status of the invoices to be paid by the manager.

Regate interface element

"Regate allows me to easily operate with a geographically dispersed team."

Xavier Ferry
Biologics 4 Life

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


Bank fees divided by 5 for transfers


time saved for the CFO


of invoices go through Regate

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