"The advantage is that once a vendor is set up correctly, there's no need to go back to it: there are no more errors. It's the human errors that are often repeated."

Valéry Leculier
Cabinet Leculier
Regate at Cabinet Leculier

How the Leculier firm made its accounting more reliable thanks to a new kind of collaborator: Regate

Valery Leculier likes to take his time before launching into the latest innovation. So after 3 years of observation, he chose Regate to save time, be more reliable, and increase the number of files in his office, with an equivalent team.

Accounting firm
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"I'm inputting new files, and my staff can do more revisions now, thanks to the time they've saved on inputting with Regate."

Valéry Leculier
Cabinet Leculier

Benefits of Regate

Make accounting more reliable

Regate makes it possible to gain in reliability, firstly because the automatic entry is more accurate and improves with each correction. But also because the revisions, then the assessments are made from reliable information.

Save time on management

In the past, with the tax season, the firm would stop entering certain files from January to April and then catch up. With Regate, all you have to do is submit the invoices and they are entered autonomously. Ideal for meeting the annual closing deadlines without stress.

Dematerialize invoices

For Valery, dematerialization has several clear advantages: "The first is that I no longer need paper for my files on Regate; it's a real comfort not to have to look in the files. The second: you can connect to Regate remotely from home or at the client's location."

"Regate, I see it as a collaborator who is going to be relentlessly more reliable and efficient. And who can't get distracted or have a fatigue attack."

Valéry Leculier
Cabinet Leculier

His favorite features

The intuitive interface

Regate is simple to use. All of our collaborators easily got used to it. That's what allowed Valery to implement Regate quickly. And several consecutive waves of deployments of files on the platform.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

The link to the invoice in Sage

Valery particularly appreciates the direct link between the invoice and the accounting entry in Sage. The control of the entry and the accounting entries is much easier. It saves time and comfort. Valery likes the Regate-Sage integration as a whole.

Setting up customer accounting

One of the most powerful features of Regate is the ability to set up accounting on a file-by-file basis, depending on their specificities. This ensures that everything is well adapted once on Sage, especially for the format of the entries.

Regate interface element

"Before we all entered everything by hand. I couldn't afford a dedicated data entry operator. So automation was like a no-brainer."

Valéry Leculier
Cabinet Leculier

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


months of data entry delays avoided


paper invoices to be searched in binders

100 %

soon to be automated flows

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