"Regate has allowed us to manage our growth with peace of mind."

François Toussaint
Enchanted Tools
Regate at Enchanted tools

How to manage alone the accounting of a company that has grown from 3 to 50 people thanks to Regate.

As soon as he joined the first employees of Enchanted Tools, François understood the main challenge of the first years of the company: to control and monitor expenses and cash flow. Regate offers him this control but also the possibility to produce precise reports in real time for his manager.

30 to 200

"It used to take me longer to manage a few invoices in Excel, than it does today with Regate, hundreds of them."

François Toussaint
Enchanted Tools

Benefits of Regate

View my reporting in real time

Having a detailed, real-time view of outgoing flows is critical for François, administrative and financial director. He can thus better control his cash flow, avoid unpleasant surprises on D+30 and thus have greater control over operations.

Save time on management

François is always alone in the finance and accounting team. How does he do it? It's thanks to Regate and the time saved on data entry, recording and reconciliation. Without Regate, he would need at least one more person. And certainly more in the future.

Optimize supplier payments

Regate allows François to know at a glance which invoices are due, their amounts, and whether they have been approved or not. This is a crucial element for Enchanted Tools, which seeks to keep a very fine control of its expenses, and the best relations with its suppliers.

"It's simple, without Regate, I wouldn't be able to pay my vendors on time."

François Toussaint
Enchanted Tools

His favorite features

The invoice approval circuit

Enchanted Tools' business generates a large number of invoices from many suppliers. It is essential for François that these invoices are approved quickly by the buyers for payment, which Regate allows him to do very easily.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Automatic entry

Thanks to OCR (which captures relevant information from documents), automatic bank reconciliation, or customizable rules for generating accounting entries, François relies on Regate automation with confidence.

Monitoring the status of the invoice

For François, knowing the status of each invoice is essential. He can follow from the dashboard, those that need his attention (to be approved, to be paid...) and can use filters to find the most urgent ones according to his current priority.

Regate interface element

"I'm on my own on the team because Regate allows me to."

François Toussaint
Enchanted Tools

The impact of Regate
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FTEs saved with Regate

24 hours a day

availability of reports for the manager


surprise at the end of the period

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200 à 500

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