"Regate optimizes day-to-day cash management and steering. It's a real step forward for us."

David Brunello
Inspire Villages
Regate at Inspire Villages

How Inspire Villages manages its multi-site activity without ERP, thanks to Regate.

David and Baptiste, co-managers of the outdoor hotel brand Inspire Villages, chose Regate to address a two-fold problem: to benefit from a centralized view synchronized with their accounting software in real time, without sacrificing the autonomy of site managers.

Hotel / Restaurant
New Aquitaine
30 to 200

"Regate's usability and comprehensive offering means we don't have to go through an ERP that would be very expensive and require a lot of training."

David Brunello
Inspire Villages

Benefits of Regate

Centralize the control of expenses

"For us, it is essential to centralize all the accounting flows, in order to better support the managers, who can then concentrate on their core business," explains David. He can thus follow in real time, validate, pay and be paid the suppliers and customers invoices.

Deploy the solution easily

Inspire Villages' expansion goals are ambitious, and the agility to deploy management tools to new sites is critical. With Regate, a site manager is equipped and trained in just two days.

Optimize supplier payments

Since the group is experiencing strong growth, the autonomy allowed by Regate is crucial: the managers manage their expenses alone, within the limits of the set limits. In case of exceptional expenses, David can validate them and launch the payment very quickly.

"The biggest benefit of Regate is the ability to give autonomy to site managers, while preserving control capabilities."

David Brunello
Inspire Villages

His favorite features

The Budget module

David particularly likes the instantaneous budget management. This feature allows you to assign budgets to site managers, who can then track their spending in Regate. "And when necessary, we have all the information we need to review the variances with the budget together," explains the manager.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Payment tracking

"Now I'm 100% sure that behind a payment I'll find an invoice," says David. Site managers are required to attach the receipt (with evidentiary value) on the mobile application for each Regate credit card payment. And a supplier is only paid if the invoice has been imported and validated in Regate.

Bank fees

Inspire Villages no longer pays a fee on each financial flow, which is a real saving compared to the 0.015% taken by banks before. Everything is included in the subscription.

Regate interface element

"Regate is really our cockpit for centralizing all of our accounting and financial data and processes."

David Brunello
Inspire Villages

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


Invoice processing times divided by 7!


duplicate invoice and payment


times less expensive than an ERP (at least)

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