"Before, we were losing time on invoice entry, and therefore on vendor payment. Today that's over."

Kelly Regis
Fruit Paradise
Regatta at Le Paradis du Fruit

How the restaurant chain accelerated its invoice processing with Regate

Prior to the implementation of Regate, Paradis du Fruit teams were losing time on supplier payments due to the poor flow of information and accounting documents from each restaurant to headquarters.

Hotel / Restaurant
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"Regate allows us to properly pull up all accounting documents from each restaurant."

Kelly Regis
Fruit Paradise

Benefits of Regate

Save time on management

The fluidity of the suppliers' invoices and their readability have made it possible to simplify the controls. The suppliers of Paradis du Fruit are finally paid on time.

Dematerialize supplier invoices

The different mechanisms for retrieving invoices from Regate (scan, email and merchant connector) and their accurate reading via OCR, allow Fruit Paradise to do no more manual input.

Centralize the control of expenses

Thanks to Regate, accounting information flows much faster to the head office. The latter centralizes all the accounting documents and can pay the invoices in a fluid and orderly manner.

The all-in-one aspect was the deciding factor in choosing Regate

Kelly Regis
Fruit Paradise

His favorite features

Efficient invoice retrieval

The efficiency of the OCR mechanism and the variety of invoice retrieval systems allow the Fruit Paradise team to do no more manual data entry.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

A complete functional perimeter

Expense reports, dematerialized credit cards, customer invoicing, cost accounting and of course supplier invoices. The all-in-one aspect was the decisive factor in Paradis du Fruit's decision to adopt Regate.

Different roles and permissions

Thanks to the different roles and accesses allowed by the platform, Paradis du Fruit was able to implement Regate easily, in all its restaurants, giving more autonomy to the managers.

Regate interface element

Thanks to Regate, accounting information flows much faster to headquarters.

Kelly Regis
Fruit Paradise

The impact of Regate
in a few figures

100 %

of supplier payments made on time


restaurants with a digitized accounting process


forgotten supplier invoice

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