"Regate allows us to have all the accounting and financial data we need in one place."

Alex Etende
The Flamboyants
Regatta at Les Flamboyants

How Les Flamboyants' accounting and finance team overcame delays and stress with Regate

Before Regate, Alex Etende was chasing invoice approvals and missing receipts. The CFO of the Les Flamboyants healthcare group was looking for a solution that would provide a reliable picture of the group's financial health at any given time. Since the implementation of Regate, his entire team has been able to increase its skills, which has enabled him to banish all manual data entry, to collect documents in a timely manner and to structurally improve the reliability of his accounting.

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"With Regate, not only have I taken control of the company's accounting and financial health, but more importantly, I can easily take action to improve them."

Alex Etende
The Flamboyants

Benefits of Regate

Make accounting more reliable

Alex can now control his accounting in real time and act easily to optimize it: stock and status of invoices, aged balance, late approvals... Thanks to the alert system identifying duplicates, Regate has allowed him to save several tens of thousands of euros of invoices that were paid twice with the old software used

Consult the reporting in real time

Prior to Regate, the Flamboyants were closing out the books up to six or seven months late... and many holes in the racket! Alex was in a constant state of stress. Now he can focus on his real role as CFO: analyzing reliable accounting, reporting in real time, advising management, optimizing and structuring his teams.

Save time on management

Without Regate, Alex estimates that at least one to two additional employees would be needed just to meet the deadlines. And without achieving the same level of reliability as today. "It's the perfect tool to manage growth: we all get more height," he assures.

"Management and controlling have direct access: we have full, real-time visibility into the state of the company's finances."

Alex Etende
The Flamboyants

His favorite features

The intuitive interface

Thanks to the very intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, Alex did not even need the training provided by Regate to get started with the platform. All users are very satisfied: from the approving manager to the accountants who all collaborate for the platform.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element


With automatic character recognition and video coding by Regate teams, the recording is exceptionally fast. The automation is "extremely reliable". The control and addition of the RIB and SIRET are even done automatically with each new supplier.

The view on the status of supplier invoices

No more extraction and reprocessing, just filtering in Regate to identify, for example, the employees who are most behind on approvals. Or those who have not yet sent the missing documents.

Regate interface element

"I can work on Regate from anywhere, anytime."

Alex Etende
The Flamboyants

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


1.5 FTEs saved to absorb the group's growth


reliable accounting data accessible in real time


duplicate invoices registered and paid.

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