"Before Regate, accounting was no help to us in making decisions. The information simply came to us too late."

Olivier Giunti
Regatta at Pausado

How Pausado drives its seasonal business with Regate

Pausado is a camping group with a very strong seasonality. A lack of responsiveness during the summer season cannot be made up for afterwards. Thanks to Regate, the different sites can now adapt to the day.

Hotel / Restaurant
30 to 200

"The tool and interface are well done, and very effective."

Olivier Giunti

Benefits of Regate

View my reporting in real time

During peak season, it is critical to be able to adapt and react quickly. Since installing Regate, Olivier has access to all his relevant and up-to-date indicators.

Save time on management

The role of the accountant has changed drastically: her attention is now focused on the management of the accounts, as she no longer has to enter invoices manually.

Manage my budgets

The goal is to decentralize decision-making while maintaining centralized oversight. Budgets allow managers to take responsibility for preparing and monitoring their budgets via Regate.

"Whenever a friend is looking for a tool like this, I recommend Regate."

Olivier Giunti

His favorite features

Different user accesses

CEO, Accountant, CFO, CPA,... each has their own access to Regate with specific views and rights, to foster collaboration and accountability of the different stakeholders.

Regate interface element
Regate interface element

The budgets

Thanks to the cost accounting integrated into Regate, Olivier can create budgets for the different sites. And give the managers the power to follow them while keeping a global view of the Pausado group.

The ergonomics

Regate was designed by a CFO and an accountant to simplify their daily work. Everything is built around this logic of simplification, automation and intuitiveness.

Regate interface element

"When I open Regate every morning, there's a magical feel to it; I see all my numbers intuitively. It's nice to work in an environment like that."

Olivier Giunti

The impact of Regate
in a few figures


automatically entered supplier invoices


days of delay with real time accounting


minutes each morning to review the indicators

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