Electronic invoicing: understanding the reform

The new e-invoicing law will go into effect in 2024! As an accounting firm or small business, what are the key things to keep in mind to successfully transition?

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Episode 1 - Overview of the players by Cyrille Sautereau
President of the FNFE-MPE

Published on 26/09/2022

Episode 2 - Difference between DO, PDP and PPF by Cyrille Sautereau, President of FNFE-MPE

Published on 26/09/2022

Episode 3 - Business case for a small business by Laura

Published on 26/09/2022

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The main impacts of the reform

The end of the accounting entry and the missing receipts

No need to run after your customers or collaborators to retrieve missing documents: all invoices will be automatically retrieved in a structured format 100% digital

Towards the complete automation of accounting

All the information on the invoice will be recovered in structured data and can thus be fed to AI algorithms that will record the correct accounting charge

The end of the tolerance of tax rules for VSEs and SMEs

With the electronic invoice, the controls will be automatic and all the tax laws will have to be respected to the letter. There will necessarily be a phase of upgrading for VSEs and SMEs.

Regate has chosen to become a PDP to help you in this new paradigm

After careful consideration, we have decided to position ourselves as
as a PDP in order to offer even more services to our clients: the financial departments of very small businesses and their accounting firms.

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