Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable

Automate your accounts payable

Regate automates and simplifies the processing of your supplier invoices: from receipt to payment.

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Regate interface elementRegate interface elementRegate interface element

Manage your invoices from start to finish in a single tool

Save time and be more efficient

Digitalize your invoices in one click, get them approved by the right people, schedule and validate payment directly from Regate!

Financial reliability and compliance

Thanks to a very powerful OCR and a setting based on your accounting entries file (FEC), the right entries are generated automatically in your accounting.

Real-time control

Benefit from real-time monitoring of your supplier accounting - supplier debt, payment deadlines, etc. - for a management as close as possible to reality!

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Supplier accounting - Marguerite Duclos

"We use Regate every day: every morning we enter all our supplier invoices into the software.

Thanks to the settings made by the Regate team, our suppliers are already entered in the database and we save a lot of time when registering invoices!

It has really become our reference tool for all our suppliers!

Marguerite Duclos
Head of Accounting at Tiller Systems by SumUp
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your expense invoices in one click

Regate provides you with many collection channels to dematerialize all your invoices:

- Email transfer

- Import into the platform

- Photo via the mobile application (with probative value thanks to a 2-star electronic signature)

- Automatic retrieval from the portals of your various suppliers.

All your invoices are dematerialized and centralized in one place, to the delight of your accountant or chartered accountant!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element


your management by defining rules and approval circuits

Thanks to its intelligent rule engine, Regate automates your recurring tasks and adapts to your company's organisation.

Simplify the approval of your invoices by defining your own approval channels: Regate automatically notifies and reminds approvers.

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as you wish directly from Regate

Click on your bills and pay them in one click: compatible with all banks, you can launch all your payments from Regate in complete security.

SEPA transfer, instalment payments, batch payments, corporate payment cards, virtual cards: no need to log in to your bank account: program, validate and it's paid on time!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Designed to fit in

to your accounting software

Regate learns from your actions and generates the correct accounting and costing entries directly into your accounts.

No more tedious and time-consuming file transfers, Regate synchronises with the majority of accounting software on the market, for up-to-date accounting in real time.


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Do the credentials imported into Regate have evidential value?

In the context of invoice dematerialization, an imported document (expense report or invoice) is considered a reliable audit trail in certain cases: - If it is photographed with the mobile application and respects the conditions for digitization (colors, legibility...), then the paper format is no longer necessary. - If the document is imported into Regate (without going through the mobile application), then the paper format must be kept as it has evidential value. - If the document is not secured before being imported into Regate, then a reliable external audit trail is required. - If it is a secure electronic invoice, then the value will be probative in Regate when Regate is able to verify the security. For outgoing invoices, - Those created in Regate have evidential value. - Those created outside Regate, but added and signed in Regate, have evidential value. - Those scanned and imported into Regate require a reliable audit trail and the retention of the paper format

Can we find the invoice history, reliable audit trail and accurate time stamping of invoices in Regate?

Yes, thanks to the digitization of supplier invoices, a complete history is available in Regate for each invoice. With a precise time stamp of who processed which invoice and when, reliable audit trails are just a click away.

How reliable is the automatic reading of invoices via OCR in Regate?

The automatic reading of invoices via Regate is extremely reliable thanks to a very powerful OCR system completed, when necessary, by a video-coding check carried out manually by the Regate teams. This manual verification is a key and unique added value compared to other supplier invoice management software. Its purpose is to guarantee an unparalleled degree of confidence by limiting the risk of error to a minimum.

Is it possible to manage foreign currency invoices with Regate?

The management of supplier invoices in foreign currencies is of course possible in Regate: the OCR, then the video-coding allow to recognize the currency of each invoice to ensure its reliable accounting treatment.

Can I do cost accounting with Regate? Is it possible to break down the charges?

Yes, with Regate, it is possible to break down the accounting charges according to the analytical codes predefined in the settings. It is also possible to add as many analytical axes as relevant. Regate allows you to perform accurate and automated analytical accounting in order to serenely manage your company while saving time. The management controllers have access to this information and can easily control the analytical imputation.

Can I set up different approval paths for supplier invoices with Regate?

Regate allows you to create a multitude of very flexible approval rules to fit the organization of each company. Thus, it is possible to have one or more people approve, in parallel or in cascade, according to expense thresholds, the means of payment used, the type of invoice, or even the analytic, and many other criteria.

CFOs speak out
about their use of Regate

Our users are taking the floor to explain how Regate has changed their daily lives: from productivity gains to cost control and automated financial reporting.

It saves a lot of time to register all the invoices

Published on 21/05/2022

We have all the information right in front of us

Published on 21/05/2022

It avoids mistakes and is ten times faster

Published on 21/05/2022

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