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Bank cards
Bank cards

Generate simple and secure payment cards

With Regate's corporate payment cards, equip your employees with virtual and physical bank cards tailored to each need and track all their transactions in Regate.

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Company cards at your fingertips

More autonomy for your teams

Give your employees corporate payment cards that fit their needs. Whether it's virtual cards for recurring subscriptions or physical cards so your managers don't have to pay expenses out of pocket, we've got the solution for you!

Better cost control

With Regate, you have a global view of all the cards issued by your company and you can manage them in real time. Each transaction is directly entered into your tool, giving you real control over expenses!

Reconciliation made easy

Your employees simply import the invoice or receipt directly into their Regate space to validate the transaction. You can then automatically generate the correct entries in your accounts for reliable and effortless reconciliation at source!

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Expenses - Gabriel d'Agay

"After a thorough benchmark of the different solutions available on the market, we chose Regate, mainly for its comprehensive functional scope, its collaborative nature and its ease of use.

Productivity gains were obvious from the outset: by offering us  control of financial management and accounting supervision in real time, Regate gives us compete visibility on our activity, so we can fine-tune the way we pilot things to fit our reality.

What's more, the Regate bank cards can be configured for each need,  which has allowed us to simplify the way we manage the company's recurring expenses to the extreme!"

Gabriel d'Agay
CFO at Greenriders
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Generate virtual or physical cards

adapted to each need

No need to share one credit card for the whole company. Generate secure cards in a few clicks directly from Regate.  

Give your employees more autonomy while keeping costs under control!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Keep control of expenses

via a centralized management interface

Easily analyze business card transactions with user-specified analytical codes. And keep a permanent visibility on your teams' expenses.

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Reconciliation at source

and easy retrieval of receipts

Automatically reconcile your card expenses and identify missing receipts. For each expense, your employees can take pictures of their receipts directly via the Regate mobile application. They are then notified of the processing progress and automatically reminded if receipts are missing.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element


your corporate cards

Regate cards are protected by strong authentication, and you set the limits and authorizations for each card yourself. In the event of a problem, the cards can be blocked at any time with one click.


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Is it possible to manage my Regate bank card from the mobile application?

Yes, the Regate mobile application is available in your App Store and Play Store. It allows you to easily associate receipts to expenses generated with the company bank card. They will then be reconciled automatically in Regate.

Can we set up rules for requests to create Regate cards?

In order to ensure that only certain categories of employees are able to benefit from a virtual and/or physical bank card, it is possible to configure rules in advance in Regate that will determine whether or not cards can be created.

What happens when the sum of the Regate corporate credit card limits exceeds the balance in my bank account?

The sum of the Regate bank card limits distributed to employees does not require the company to have a minimum bank balance equal to these cumulative amounts. For example, it is not necessary to have a minimum bank balance of €120,000 if 120 bank cards with a €1,000 limit have been distributed. Regate allows you to optimize the use of your cash and never block any payment unnecessarily.

In what currency can I pay with Regate's bank card?

With your Regate bank card (Mastercard), it is possible to pay in any currency. Fees are applicable according to the Mastercard rates for payments in foreign currencies.

What is the authentification method is used to verify the Regate card holder?

Regate's business card is secured by a strong authentication system. For example, to retrieve the data from a virtual card, a biometric recognition system is used via the Regate mobile application.

Can we put analytics into corporate payment card spending?

The employee card user can specify one or more analytical code(s) upon transmission of their receipts. This makes work easier for the accounting team when classifying and accounting for the expense.


Implementing effective management of expenses in SMEs

Discover our white paper on best practices to get business expenses under control.

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Practical guide

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No technical development on your part is required. Our teams take care of everything to help you set up your Regate interface to fit your needs.

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effective expense control?

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