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Budgets and purchase requests
Budgets and purchase requests

Keep control of your expenses with budgets and purchase requests

Track your budgets closely with Regate's management tool. Pre-approve expenses to fit with your reality.

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Real-time control

Better control of expenses

Thanks to the purchase request system, each manager can pre-approve their team expenses whenever the need is expressed. So no more unpleasant surprises due to a lack of communication. Managers can easily manage their costs, and the relevant information is shared with the Finance teams in real time!

More reliable budget monitoring

Each expense reported in Regate can be allocated to a pre-defined budget or cost centre. Budgets can thus be tracked in near-real time, which is hugely valuable for monitoring and piloting company activity!

More informed decisions

From Regate, you have access to all your company's financial information in one place and it's always up to date. You can now base all your decisions on reliable and representative business data.

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Management - Olivier Giunti

"My accounting department uses Regate on a daily basis: the invoices arrive, they're processed, and then sent on to the Cegid accounting system. I use Regate more as a supervision tool: it really allows me to keep an eye on where I am in my various budgets.

The difference with Regate is like night and day. Before Regate, I had an accounting system that was lagging too much, so you couldn't rely on the accounting system to help you make any decisions. Now it's completely different. We can practically make decisions in real time.

The tool is well made, the interface is well made and it is efficient. It's a pleasure every morning to see where you are with your budget. It's really great to be working with such a streamline tool!

Olivier Giunti
President, Pausado
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Set budget envelopes

and follow them in real time

On Regate, you can configure your budgets by analytical axis, assign a referent and follow expenses in real time.

Opt for a clear budgetary vision at all times: empower your teams while keeping an eye on the big picture!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Pre-approve your expenses

and monitor your committed budget 

With purchase requests, you can accurately monitor your committed budget:

  • Creating purchase requisitions from Regate
  • Assign a validator for each request
  • Multi-criteria acceptance workflow
  • Purchase request and invoice reconciliation
  • Communication between teams made easy
  • Automatic allocation to the relevant budget
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Simulate your expense


Test different expense scenarios to see which one is most relevant to your business.

Regate also allows you to view your budgets over different time frames: by month, by quarter, etc., so you can make the best decisions.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Empower your employees

and budget referents by giving them visibility!

Set up approval channels, rules and spending limits. Automatically allocate expenses to projects or cost centres for up-to-date information at all times.


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Can we link an expense request to an invoice in Regate?

Regate's main mission is to allow you to better manage your expenses. Nothing is left to chance. Thus, it is of course possible to link an expense request to an invoice directly from the supplier invoices.

Can I request a recurring purchase in Regate?

In the era of SaaS models, it is more and more common for employees to make purchase requests for subscription services. That's why Regate makes it easy to make recurring purchase requests.

What automated expense approval channels are possible in Regate?

To ensure that expenses are tracked in a way that is appropriate for each organization, Regate offers a large number of fully configurable approval options: by expense threshold, by type of payment method, by applicant, in succession or in parallel, etc. These numerous options guarantee a better control of your expense budget while optimizing the time you spend on it.

Is it possible to export purchase requests from Regate?

It is sometimes necessary to export the purchase requests of collaborators to reprocess them or to make more advanced analysis. Regate allows you to obtain a CSV file very easily in a few clicks.

Can we have a centralized view of committed vs. realized budgets in Regate?

Regate is designed to allow managers and finance and accounting teams to ensure accurate budget monitoring. For this purpose, a clear view of the different budgets set up is available at a glance in the 'Budgets' module. Our budget tracking tool allows you to compare committed vs. actual budgets.

Can we organize budgets using the analytical plan in Regate?

In Regate, it is possible to create analytical plans to follow budgets in a precise and reliable way thanks to their breakdown.


Implementing effective management of expenses in SMEs

Discover our white paper on best practices to get business expenses under control.

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