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Expense accounts
Expense accounts

Simplify the management of your teams' expense reports

Regate automates the management of your expense reports and simplifies the daily life of your employees with its mobile application.

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Fully manage your expense reports with a single tool

Save time and be more efficient

Your employees can digitize their expense reports in one click via the Regate mobile app. Have them approved by their managers and validate the reimbursement directly from Regate!

Reliability and financial compliance

Thanks to a powerful OCR and rules engine, you can keep control of costs and automatically generate the right entries in your accounts.

Real-time control

Track employee expenses in real time and allocate them to pre-defined accounting budgets! No more inaccuracies or unpleasant surprises at closing time, the information is centralised and always up to date.

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Expenses - Gabriel d'Agay

"After a thorough benchmark of the different solutions available on the market, we chose Regate, mainly for its comprehensive functional scope, its collaborative nature and its ease of use.

Productivity gains were obvious from the outset: by offering us  control of financial management and accounting supervision in real time, Regate gives us compete visibility on our activity, so we can fine-tune the way we pilot things to fit our reality.

What's more, the Regate bank cards can be configured for each need,  which has allowed us to simplify the way we manage the company's recurring expenses to the extreme!"

Gabriel d'Agay
CFO at Greenriders
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your expense reports in one click

Use one of the many digitization channels available to dematerialize all your expense reports:

  • Transfer to your dedicated mailbox
  • Import into the Photo platform via the mobile application

There's no need to keep your paper receipts! All your company's expense reports are centralized in one place. Your accountant or chartered accountant will be delighted!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Stay in control

of your expenses and automate your accounting

Set up approval channels, specific rules and spending limits. Allocate expenses to projects or cost centres.

With its intelligent rules engine, Regate learns from your actions and generates the right entries directly in your accounting.

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A mobile application

that makes everyday life easier

The Regate mobile application allows your employees to submit their expense reports and easily add their receipts by uploading them or taking a picture of them directly.

Expense claims can then be validated by the approver with one click.

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

The Regate card

to put an end to advance payments

Thanks to the Regate bank card, there is no need to go through expense reports: pre-validate your employees' expenses and easily generate virtual or physical cards according to each need!

Your employees no longer have to pay in advance and all expenses incurred via Regate cards are automatically reconciled in your accounting software.

Identify missing

documents more easily!

Regate notifies you of any missing receipts and automatically reminds the relevant employees to send them.

This makes it easier to work with your accountant or chartered accountant, whether they are remote or on site!


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Does Regate offer a mobile application to manage expense reports?

To make life easier for accounting teams, employees and managers, Regate offers a mobile application that allows them to manage their expense reports. It is very easy to use and helps you to avoid accumulating paper receipts, to qualify expenses and to generate mileage expense reports in just a few clicks. Specific access rights can be given to Regate just for expense reports and purchase requests.

Do expense reports have evidential value with Regate?

Absolutely! With Regate, the management of professional expenses is truly simplified for all employees: once the receipt is scanned via the Regate mobile application, it is not necessary to keep a paper version. The photo automatically has evidentiary value and can be used against the administration in the event of an audit.

Can we set up expense report approval channels in Regate?

Yes, to ensure that the expense reports are approved by the right people. The approver can easily validate directly from the Regate mobile application.

Can I set a limiting policy for expense reports in Regate?

To avoid slowing down your business with a complete block on expenses, Regate has set up an alert system for both employees and managers to warn them if the expense report does not comply with company policy. The manager can then reject or validate the expense report to facilitate the next step, i.e. whether or not the expense should be entered into accounting records.

Can you reimburse your employees directly from Regate?

Regate is designed to optimize the management of expense reports for employees and managers, but especially for accountants. Thus, the reimbursement of expense reports can be done in one click directly from the Regate platform.

Can I add external participants to my expense reports in Regate?

Yes, it is very easy to specify that external participants are connected with a given expense report in Regate. This information is recorded and transmitted to the manager to facilitate the proper accounting of the expense reports.


Implementing effective management of expenses in SMEs

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