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Manage all your payments on a single platform

Regate allows you to manage the processing of your payments in a few clicks and in complete security, regardless of your bank or the bank of your recipient.

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Regate interface elementRegate interface elementRegate interface element

Paying has never been easier 

Save time and be more efficient

Make all your payments in one click directly from Regate: no need to connect to your bank account each time: program, validate and it's paid on the scheduled date!

A trusted partner

Regate is a PSD2 compliant platform and is approved by the ACPR as a Payment Agent: rest assured, all payments made from your Regate interface are 100% compliant and secure.

Approvals and automation

Regate allows you to define approval channels specific to your organisation, making payments and exchanges between your employees much easier.

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Payment - Fabienne Mille

"My daily use of Regate is firstly automatic extraction, which is called EDM: when I receive supplier invoices, I import them directly into the software. But I also have supplier payments that are made directly on Regate, so it's a real time saver!

It avoids errors and it's ten times faster. It's really great because I don't have to open several pages, several modules, several programs. I have everything in one!

Fabienne Mille
Accounting administrator at LuxCarta
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as you wish

Paying from Regate couldn't be easier! You just have to choose among the many payment methods available from your interface:

✓ SEPA transfers

✓ Batch payments

✓ Advance payments and credit notes

✓ Virtual or physical bank cards

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element


your payments and optimise your follow-up

From Regate, you can prepare and schedule your single or batch payments according to due dates in a few clicks. Regate allows you to optimise your cash flow and gain in productivity!

You get a real-time overview of the status of all your payments, which are then automatically transferred to your accounts.

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Make it easy to connect


By paying from Regate, you facilitate bank reconciliation, as all information is centralised at source on the platform.

Each payment is in fact associated with its invoice, which considerably facilitates reconciliation. The Bank Journal is thus automatically generated, to the delight of your accountant!

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Regate interface element
Regate interface element

Pay securely

via trusted banking partners

Rest assured: Regate and all its payment partners are PSD2 compliant and ACPR approved!

On Regate, all your transactions are carried out by subsidiaries of the BPCE Group (Xpollens service) or Société Générale (Treezor service).


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What are the payment methods via Regate?

Regate offers a true 360° management of payment methods thanks to a wide range of solutions: initiation of SEPA transfers, batch payments, buffer accounts, down payments and credit notes, virtual or physical bank cards. The objective is to allow you to make payments as easily as possible and according to the method of your choice, then to automatically reconcile them to the right invoices or receipts.

Can I pay in advance with Regate?

With Regate, it is possible to pay deposits on invoices, whether you have received the invoice or not, in order to validate a purchase order for example.

Can I access my payment history in Regate?

Thanks to our supplier payment management software, it is possible to obtain the payment history very easily. Thanks to the numerous filters, finding proof of payment initiation is child's play, thus simplifying relations with suppliers and guaranteeing 100% reliable control.

Is it mandatory to block cash specifically to make payments with Regate?

To make payments with Regate, you do not need to specifically fund your Regate account. When you make a payment, Regate automatically handles the money transfer from your bank account. Moreover, it is very easy to know the balance of your Regate account, which is always visible from your interface.

Can I pay in foreign currency with Regate?

Your Regate bank card allows you to pay in any currency (Mastercard support). For other payment methods, it is possible to pay directly within the SEPA zone and if not, to generate an XML file adapted to the chosen standards (US...) then to import it into your banking application to generate these payments.

Is there a specific role in Regate for preparing payment batches?

With Regate, it is possible to create a specific access for employees whose role is limited to preparing the payment batches to be validated by the accountant or the company's manager. Even more practical, the manager can then validate and pay directly from the mobile application, in just a few clicks.


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No technical development on your part is required. Our teams take care of everything and help you set up your Regate interface according to your needs.

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