Accounts Payable

Automate and simplify
your supplier invoice processing

Regate automates and simplifies the processing of your supplier invoices from receipt to payment.

Benefit from an integrated platform

Scan, post, approve and pay your invoices by transfers on a single platform.

Do away with manual entry

Transfer your invoices and expense reports directly to your dedicated mailbox. Regate also retrieves invoices from the portals of your various suppliers.

Automate your recurring tasks

Regate is able to automate your recurring tasks and identify your other potential automatable actions to save you time. Regate also notifies and duns approvers without any action on your part.

Add AI
to your accounts payable

Regate learns from your actions and can make analytical accounting allocations, approve invoices, reconcile bank entries. You save time and stay in control.

Work as a team

Set up approval channels in a few clicks, collaborate more easily with your teams whether they are telecommuting or on site.

Regate in 5 actions

Retrieved from

All invoices are received and centralised in one place.


The approval parameters are defined according to the organisation of your company.


The accounting allocations are made automatically.


Your invoices and documents are directly scanned without any action on your part.


Your bills are always paid on time, without the need to connect to your bank.
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