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Regate partners with the best players in the market to offer you the most efficient ecosystem

From Regate, you can benefit from a wide range of services to help you manage your business on a daily basis.

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Integrated services,
accessible at a click

Regate has developed a large number of integrations that can be accessed directly from your interface to make your life easier.

Accounting software

To facilitate automatic synchronisation with your accounting, Regate has developed strong partnerships with the 3 market leaders.

Banking services

Easily view your bank statements and get a unified view of all your accounts directly from Regate.

Payment solutions

To enable you to pay with one click from Regate, we have used 100% secure payment services.

Strong authentication

To ensure the security of all your operations from Regate.


To centralise all your documents in a collaborative space and facilitate storage

Joint offers
to meet all your needs

Regate also wanted to develop partner offers with a wide range of services all relevant to VSEs/SMEs.

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Financing solutions

To cover your financing needs and help you optimise your cash flow, Regate has sought to forge strong links with the most innovative players in this market.

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CSR Services

To accelerate your ecological transition.

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Legal services

To assist you in legal and administrative matters

Insurance icon

Insurance and mutuals

To protect you and your business.

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