An accountant's client

A single platform to efficiently manage and account for invoices, expense reports and payments

Simplify and automate
sending all your documents to your accountant

You don't have to do anything else, Regate automatically transfers each validated document to your accountant.

Work more efficiently with your accountant!

No more problems with different versions of a document and no more back and forth by e-mail.

Validate and pay your bills in a few clicks

Pay your bills securely without logging into your bank accounts

Centralise all your financial information on a single platform, updated in real time

With Regate, take back control of your financial and accounting management!
Profit and loss account
Customised reporting
Get started in a few hours!
No technical development is required on your part.
Our teams take care of everything and accompany you in setting up your platform according to your needs.

Regate in 5 actions

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All invoices are received and centralised in one place.


Your invoices and documents are directly scanned without any action on your part.


The approval parameters are defined according to the organisation of your company.


Your bills are always paid on time, without the need to connect to your bank.


The accounting allocations are made automatically.
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